The idea of Kino Kabaret - "Do well with nothing, do better with little, but do it now!“ - that means to REALISE films, without any bugdet, therefore with a very short time constraint (within 24-72 hours), was born in Montréal in 1999.

It's a meeting for filmmakers out of the different departments like Authors, directors, actors, technicial staff, musicians etc., to realise film ideas. With the means you got right now at the moment.

These meetings are open for professionals like amateurs of almost every age (often at least older then 18). They share the passion for short films, for experimening, doing, and the commitment to finish the films within two to three days. To screen it then to an public audience.

What can be created on events like these, e.g. you can see here: There are more than 70 kino cells worldwide, tendency rising. Besides beeing a hot spot for the regional filmmaking culture, normally these groups host yearly international Kabarets and therefore intercultural filmmaking is a matter of course.

Some of the attendees bring their precise ideas or a ready-to-use script and start to transform them into films. Other find the content of their films during the collective brainstorm during the meetings. Here, on the one hand you DO - and on the other you experiment: Are there acting skills within you you didn't know about yet? You are the the most talented foley artist, and that you discovered only, because your sample library didn't have the sounds you were looking for? Or you are discovering that this little idea you had is a subject for big cinema?

Without the pressure of competition or responsibility to a budget, this way shor films come int being. Without the need for perfection, but with fun of the process and time pressure: That combination often creates your gems.

In Kino Kabaret, the process of filmmaking together is at least as important as the resulting films.