KinoM is a meeting point for filmmakers in Munich and it's surrounding - and for guests who like to take part at our Kino Kabarets and do films with us.

The term filmmaker includes all who are interested in film and want to realise projects: Authors, actors, directors, editors, camera operators and DOPs, composers and musicians, light and sound technicians, stage builders, make up, costume designers, SFX and VFX technicians ...

It is also for those who want to try out, work with us, learn and help.

Well, to get an idea what our events are all about ... More or less, like this:


We do sessions on a regular basis for guerrilla filmmakers in Munich, who want to realise short films in the spirit of the Kino Kabaret. The highlight of the year is surely the week-long international Kabaret.

To complete the meetings we screen the films that were made during the sessions. These screening are open to the public. And, of course, there is a reason to party ...

If you simply have fun with filmmaking or want to grab chances for your big filmmaker career - all open minded filmmakers are welcome!

The KinoM meetings are forum, filmmaker workshop and a place where you can see independent films

Be a part of the Kino Final 2015 in Munich!

Die Färberei
Claude-Lorrain-Straße 25
81543 München